10 Celebrities Who Were Killed By The Illuminati – This Will Definitely Shock You! (With Pictures)


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Celebrities who were killed by the Illuminati – While we understand that the families of the bereaved will almost certainly cry foul when their loved ones are taken away, the ones we struggle to understand are the conspiracy theorists.

Conspiracy theorists will always look for, and find a good reason to loathe something, or a good reason to prove that something is not the way we see it, convinced it happened in a different way altogether.

Over the years there have been a lot of individuals, or in this case celebrities, who have died. Some of them died natural deaths, others died in circumstances that can only be described as uncertain. There are deaths that remain a mystery to date, and since not much seems to come from the authorities and investigators, the more time passes, this information gap is filled by our able conspiracy theorists.

The best thing about conspiracy theorists, especially when it comes to proving that certain celebrity deaths were nothing but the work of the Illuminati, is how they always manage to find evidence, circumstantial or not, linking the Illuminati to these bizarre incidences. The following is a list of high profile individuals who were allegedly killed by the Illuminati – go grab some popcorn!

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10. Ryan Dunn

10 Celebrities Who Were Killed By The Illuminati – This Will Definitely Shock You! (With Pictures) 1

One of the guys behind the Jackass crew, Ryan Dunn was found dead in June 2011 in a car accident, at 3am. While a lot of people will say this was just any other accident, conspiracy theorists have their way of proving things to be contrary to what we read about in the media concerning Dunn’s death. According to such theories, June 20 is the eve of the summer solstice sacrifice night, for the Illuminati. Other than that, he died at 3 in the morning, which is also considered to be the hour of the devil. Toxicology reports indicated that the 34-year-old had two times the legal alcohol limit in his blood at the time of death.

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